Good stories
deserve good design.
Wear it well.

We would love to help share your story.

Apparel / Goods / Consult

At INKollective, we believe expertise goes hand in hand with heritage.   You can trust the apparel & goods we design will help you tell a story that will last for generations to come.



Wearable pieces that reinforce your story.  From basics to specialties, we get it!


Non apparel items to reinforce your brand on the daily.


Your apparel and goods need great design. Don’t have someone in house?  We can help!


Apparel line dreams, merch store starters, current trends, aesthetics, on site sales and more.  Years of experience will advance your success!

Apparel that shares your story.

Whether we’re placing your logo on the appropriate apparel, recommending marketing collateral or consulting you on a brand new apparel project, we want your customers to see what we already know: you are the best!

Who we are.

Collectively, our team has decades of design and printing experience.

Rick Smith


You should look as great as you are!  Tombstone is the greatest movie ever.  A life well traveled is a life well lived.

Craig Hastie

Director of Creative & Marketing

Loves lots of white space, thinks everyday is Taco Tuesday and every shirt should be black.

Kelly Drury

Director of Sales

Work hard,
be kind to others and
make sure you laugh.

Kenzie Mulkey

Marketing & Development

“Sometimes, it’s the scary things in life that are the most worthwhile.”
Matthew 6:34

Zack Stodulski

Director of Production

New experiences, random trips and has a firm belief that hoodies are better than crew necks.

Sofia Kelly

Business Operations

Sofia and smile start with the same letter. Not a coincidence—ask my coworkers.

By grace, through faith.

Glen Jacobson

Sales & Client Management

“The greatest ability you possess in the grace of God is to be with Him”
Work hard, adventure, love unconditionally Matthew 6:6

Cheryl Greenaway


“Never doubt the heart of a Tennessee Volunteer”
-Phil Fulmer

Jordan Cairer

“Everything happens
for a reason.” Romans 8:31
Firm believer that crew necks are better than hoodies.

Diane Elder

Executive Assistant

Zach Williams


What our clients are saying…

“Inkollective is the dream team for all your merch & promotional needs! We love to get creative & produce often, & Inkollective offers the kind of finishes, printing options, & access to brands we didn’t have before. We were able to level up our merch this year, & our church family noticed!

Inkollective provides the kind of customer experience you always hope for. The staff is quick to respond & so knowledgeable. Always quick to send options, samples, or even problem solve with us. Inkollective provides that next level experience!”

Emily Enders
Victory Family Church

“We love working with INK; they understand our needs and mission behind every project we do.”

Hdavid Garcia
Grace Church Houston

“Rick and his team at INK are the bomb to work with. They get us! We like to be on the edge! They walk alongside us and sharpen the edge!”

Cody Cochran
Bethel Assembly

“Zack is fantastic! He’s been such a pleasure to work with and I’m so grateful at his response times and willingness to work with us. It’s been a blessing not to have to worry about these aspects for our events and conferences. We are over the moon with the results and customer service right now. Thank you so much!”

Sapphire Scott
Christian Faith Center

We work with great clients

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